Meet the  Team
JCS Productions
Recording Engineer
Joshua Shute
Engaging himself in music performance from his youth, Josh has nearly 14 years of experience spanning multiple areas of expertise. His work at JCS Productions is the culmination of this experience.

With a fine tuned ear for detail and the desire to capture perfect performances for years to come, Josh's ability to effortlessly manage the recording process is a true asset to every artist seeking to take their music to the next level.

Mixing & Mastering
Christopher Sanders
Chris has an unparalleled passion for music that is transparent in both his live performances and studio productions alike. Getting his start in music and composition over 12 years ago, he has released nine studio albums with past bands and provided session work on countless other efforts.

All this time in the studio has contributed to his unrelenting desire to produce the highest quality audio for every artist he has had the opportunity to work with. To him, his work at JCS Productions is about arriving at a finished product that is a timeless and stunning representation of the creative minds that crafted it.