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Deliver the highest quality audio
Taking the plunge and recording a song or album represents the culmination of time, energy, imagination, emotion, and collaboration...and it plays a critical role in taking your project to the next level. That’s why having the right people by your side is so important when considering any studio endeavor.

JCS Productions is committed to delivering you the highest quality audio that is 100% authentic to your sound. Contact us today to find out how we can help you capture your music and take it to the next level.
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Dream. Create. Record.

  1. No surprises or funny-business here. For a limited time only, we’ll produce your band (up to 5 members) at the flat rate of $100 per song. That includes tracking/recording individual parts, mixing, and mastering. We challenge you to find a better deal! Check out our artist demo page for an idea of what we can create at this unrivaled price point.
    Flat Rate Productions
  2. Why leave tracking to the professionals you ask? Because we've already encountered all of the problems you'd never expect to encounter in a DIY home recording effort. Save yourself the hassle and let us capture your performance right the first time with our professional gear. Our recording engineer will guide you through the process of overdubs and multi-tracking that will give your project that professional sound...all in a professional but relaxed atmosphere.
  3. The process of mixing and mastering a product can often be the most terrifying part of a recording endeavor. You capture perfect performances in the studio, and then entrust your final mix to someone who you hope understands your sound and target audience. Fear not! We believe that mixing is an iterative and communicative process. Our mixing and mastering engineer will engage you to understand your desired sound and will check in throughout the process to ensure your final product is one you can be proud of.
    Mixing and Mastering
  4. JCS Productions believes in fostering a transparent working relationship with the artists we support. We promise to deliver you great sounding audio for a flat rate price. Our standard agreement is available to view below, and of course we welcome any questions you might have about crafting your dream recording!
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